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Dr. Tan Ching Yam

The Founder: Dr. Tan Ching Yam

Dr. Tan Ching Yam (陈清业博士) is a talented and multi-skilled artist who has won many awards for his Calligraphy and Chinese finger paintings. He learned finger painting from the famous finger painter, Mr. Wu Tsai Yen. For the past 25 years, Dr. Tan had participated in many Group Art Exhibition in Seoul (Korea), Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Luoyang, Anhui, Anyang, Hangzhou, and throughout Asia.

Dr. Tan is also a honorary academician,a writer (author of over 6 books) and an art educator—he has since taught and mentored thousands of students worldwide.

His passion shows fervently in the classes that he’s teaching in, often combining the relevance of modern day’s culture with the Chinese arts, allowing students to enjoy both enriching and insightful classes.

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Art Empire Gallery: The Gallery

Here are some of the skillfully designed paintings and artworks by the finger painting and Chinese arts master, Dr. Tan Ching Yam; click on images to expand:

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