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Art Empire Gallery: About Dr. Tan Ching Yam, PhD, Award Winning Master in Chinese Art Painting, Finger Painting and Chinese Art Calligraphy

Dr. Tan Ching Yam, The Art Dojo

Dr. Tan Ching Yam (PhD) (陈清业博士) is an award winning, talented, and a multi-skilled artist who is a renowned authority in the arts—dedicated to sharing with you the fine art Chinese brush painting, finger paintings, and in the area of art therapy.

He learned finger painting under the tutelage of one of finger painting's foremost artist, Mr. Wu Tsai Yen. For the past 25 years, Dr. Tan has participated in many Group Art Exhibition in Seoul (Korea), Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Luoyang, Anhui, Anyang, Hangzhou, and many more.

Dr. Tan is also a honorary academician,a writer (author of over 6 books) and an art educator—he has since taught and mentored thousands of students worldwide.

Age is never a boundary when it comes to learning and mastering art. You too can begin your journey in creating beautiful finger painting art works, amazing Chinese brush painting, and discovering how art works as an effective healing tool with art therapy.

Award Winning Artist

Dr. Tan Ching Yam is an award winning artist, with international achievements including:

  • Excellence In Finger Painting — Netaji Award, India, 2003
  • Albert Schweitzer (International Foundation — England, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain) Gold Medal Award, 2006
  • Achievement of art and works selected by Publishing House of Almanac of Global Media in Chinese, Beijing, 2006
  • Reference Asia, 1995
  • Asia Pacific Who’s Who, 1998
  • Asian America — Who’s Who, 2002
  • Awarded Overseas Art Consultant, China, 2006
  • Awarded Art Consultant in Hospital / Chairman for Senior Citizen Calligraphy Painting Society, Singapore, 2006
  • Long Service Award (38 years of dedicated service in education) by MOE, Singapore, 2004
  • Calligraphy awarded by Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Art Award, 2002
  • Painting Awarded Gold Medal by The Research Inst.of Zhongyuan for Chinese Painting Calligraphy, 2002

Featuring and Serving In

Dr. Tan's works has been featured and collected by universities' library curators and museums worldwide.

He had been invited by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in partnership with New Zealand, for a demonstration of the art of finger painting in 1992,1993 and 1997 at the partnering country.

Dr. Tan is also the Secretary for Bt Timah Community Club Literary Centre and a Committee Member for the Federation of Art Societies, Singapore. He has conducted solo art exhibitions and participated in art exhibitions held by art groups locally and overseas.

He was appointed a research fellow of ABI in 2006.

Dr. Tan had hosted 4 solo art exhibitions on finger painting, for the last 15 years—each with a specific and unique theme:

  • New Zealand scene –- Maori Culture
  • Historical Buildings in Singapore
  • Portraits on Great People in Singapore
  • Love for Animals.

Featuring In The Media

Dr. Tan Ching Yam had been featured in the media over the years. Here's some of the snippets that we've got and sharing them here with you (click on images to enlarge newspaper article):

Academic Background

Dr. Tan's award winning achievements certainly did not come overnight—it was a progression of academic accomplishments through the early years that we take one step at a time. Like how one Chinese philosopher would have put it:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

He's dedicating this section to the schools that had helped in his growth to be the artist that he is today.

  • Nanyang University — BA, 1966
  • Jordanhill College — MOE scholarship, Overseas Post Graduate Course
  • Certificate of Education, 1978/1979
  • Curtin University (WA) — Certificate of Art Education, 2001
  • NAFA — Advanced Chinese Painting Course, 1992/1993
  • Teachers’ Training College, Singapore, Certificate of Education, 1968
  • Cultural Doctorate (Literature), World University, California, USA, 2005

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