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Coconut is a tropical fruit which is common in South East Asia.
The appearance of a coconut tree look like a giant with long hair.
What is the meaning of coconut?
The brown and hairy air face of the coconut means ‘witch’ or ghost’s face.
A)Procedures: main trunk—fruits—leaf
Draw the trunk of the coconut tree first. Follow with

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the fruit and then the leaves. Draw a few line as the leaves of the tree. When drawing the tree’s leaves, do not draw them too spread out or it would not look natural.
1)Fold the rice paper first then dots the place one want to draw the trunk of the tree.
2)Draw the fruits, follow by drawing lines as leaves of the tree.
3)Use dry brush ,draw the fruit, then the trunk. Draw the patches on the trunk.
4)Draw the leaves and trunk of the 2nd tree(on the left hand side).But be careful not to draw it overlapping the trunk of the 1st tree in the centre.
5)When drawing the leaves of the tree, must make sure that the back of the leaves must be longer than the front.
6)Must take not e that the leaves are of different style.
1)Use orange colour to paint on the fruits.
2)Use brown colour to paint on the trunk.
3) Mix yellow with indigo to create a green color to paint on the leaves.