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How To paint Lychees?
A)Important points for elementary learners of Chinese Painting:
1- Fold the rice paper into 4 portions. Take note of which portion one should draw the object.
2- Before one start drawing, one must have an idea what is the shape and size of the object he/she is drawing.
3- The strokes of the painting also play an very important part of he drawing because every stroke drawn is not changeable. One need to know what kind of stroke is required for the particular part of the picture.
4- Remember that before one draws, one must remember that for Chinese painting, the brush must be held at a slanted position. It is totally opposite for Chinese calligraphy whereby the brush is held at a vertical position.
B) Important points for learners to take note before drawing the picture of lychees called “Delicious Fruit” or “
1-Before one start drawing ,one has to wash or wet the painting brush. Therefore, the ink or water color have to be mixed with water. But while mixing ,only the tip of the brush should be stained with a darker colour. The lower part of the brush should have lighter colour. This is to ensure there are two tone when one finish drawing.
2-To make sure that the lychees look dimensional, the top part of the lychees must be dotted with small dots. The centre part of the lychees should have bigger dots.
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