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At last we get to draw this specie of ORCHID(Vanda Miss Joaquim). This is special because it is the national flower of Singapore. In Chinese, it means outstanding, excellent, bright future, long lasting.

To get on in life, we need to be charitable, having peace in our heart and mind, not to be materialistic in our outlook, and not striving for a place in the world.
We must not judge anything by appearance. If we do, it will only be deceiving ourselves and miss out on the true value of things.
In art, it is for the viewer to judge what the artist have drawn. The artist will draw something for the viewer to contemplate and ponder over.
This orchid was made simple to draw, since Dr Tan made the effort to show us how to.

Composition: the whole picture consists of the flower, leaf, stalk and pot.
Space. The orchid flowers need to be spaced out. Utilizing of space is important. . The whole picture is focused on the flower, the leaves and the tilted, hanging pot.

The Flower. As we mature in our technique of drawing, we all have achieved a certain level of being able to analyse and deduce. We start of by drawing the middle of the orchid with a small circle with a bigger one encircling it. Two semi-ones on each side. One triangle on top and two at the bottom. Viola! There is the orchid.
The Leaf. The leaves are drawn with strong strokes and tones come into play in this ink composition. We would appreciative if Dr Tan can demonstrate once again on how we should dip

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our brush in order to get the right tone of ink. Starting from the whole, middle and tip of the brush.
The Roots. These roots have a big significance in the art piece. If you can capture the gnarled texture of the root, you would have achieved something. Because when you draw orchids in a pot, emphasize is placed on the roots peeping out of the holely orchid pots!
The Pot. Notice the pot is tilted to one side. The perspective is more pronounced when we shade the pot. It becomes three-dimensional. Note the wire on the hanging pot. It does not meet.
We have learnt a lot from this piece today. Thanks for Dr Tan..