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How To Paint Panda?


Hello! Here’s a quick write up with regard to painting a panda on rice paper. 6 simple steps:

1. The Head

Before drawing the head, use the finger nail to mark the place for drawing the head on the rice paper.

Next, mix the Chinese ink with water and sharpen the brush. Use light fine line to draw a diamond like shape which is meant to be the head of panda.

2. The Eyes

Re-adjust the Chinese ink to a darker colour because the eyes of Panda have to be dark colour. Draw 2 short strong strokes facing each other but must have painted ends facing upwards towards the head. When the 2 strokes are thoroughly dry, use a concentrated green colour and dot the centre of them. Straightaway ,it will show that these arc the 2 eyes as the green dots liven them-up.

3. The Ears

Before drawing, mix the Chinese ink to get a two tone effect.

Next, use the brush to draw 2 small semi-circles facing each other to form a ear. Do likewise for the other ear. When completed ,the 2 ears must appear 2 tone, spongy and velvet like.

4. The Body

Before drawing ,take a look at the head, Make sure that the body must be at least 3 times of the size of the head when one draws. It must be drawn with light fine line and proportionate or it would look rather odd.

5. The Front Legs

The 2 front legs must be in dark colour. So re-adjust to dark colour and mark 3 dots roughly near to the left centre of panda’s body. These dots are meant to be the claws of the legs.

Next, draw a big strong stroke towards the dots to form a big leg of Panda. Shape the stroke once again if one could not accede for the first time. This is the left leg and it have to be bigger than the right leg. Do another 3 markings for the right leg slightly above the left claws. Draw a smaller right leg towards the markings and it has to be shorter than the left

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6. The Hind Legs

The left hind leg have to be drawn with a strong big stroke so as to show that it is supporting the Panda’s body(in a sitting position).The right hind leg have to be shorter or it wouldn’t look like it is sitting. Both the legs have to be in dark colour.

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