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-Q-About the painting-
Two sparrows are resting on the branch of plum flowers .
They are standing closely like close friends.
Q-How to Paint the branch?
1- Draw the branch of the flower using the bigger stroke to paint.
Must show the thickness of the branch. The branch has curves to show the rhythm of the plant.
2–Use vertical stroke to paint it. Draw a few plum flowers on the branch . Show some flowers in full blossom and some side view.
Q-How to paint birds ?
1- Get indigo to paint the body of the birds.
2- Use burnt sienna to paint head of the bird.
3- Use black ink to draw beak of sparrow.
4- Below the beak of the bird, use Chinese ink with water to draw one stroke.
5- By side of the beak draw 2

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dots. It is a typical feature for sparrows.
6- Use brown to paint the wings. Use the black ink to add features on wings.
7- The legs-When sparrow standing on branch. The toes which grasp the twig, it look like ‘V’ shaped.(Be sure to pay more attention on this note)
8- The tail- Use very light brown color for the tail.
Q-Common mistake
Difference between a plum flower and a peach flower.
For plum flower, the petal are round without any leaf.
For peach flower, the end of the petal is pointed with more leaves.
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