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About the painting
The Yangtze river is the greatest river in China.It is about 1400km from the West to the East.
Shanghai,he biggest city is located at the river mouth of Yangtze.Chengdu(成都) and Chonqin (重庆)are on the upper stream.The scenery of the river are beautiful and glorious.

Been trying very best to complete this beautiful piece for three weeks! Finally, we have managed it.
Thought of the sacrifice the people of this place made. There were 326 villages submerged in these gorges to make a building of a dam possible. 1 to 1.3 million people were relocated to a higher place. With this sacrifice, its benefits is to control frequent floods, provide electricity and improved navigation and waterborne commerce. It shows that if there is no sacrifice there will not be benefits and progress in life.

This piece is not to be hurried. It will need patience and skills of the brush in applying the tones of color, layer by layer. Even today, with its application of colors step by step on the mountain, water edge and foliage in the forefront, there is much to be done.
We note there only two basic colors to this piece, brown and indigo. Less is beautiful in this case, I mean color.
“Art is Fun!”
Contact:Dr Tan Ching Yam,art educator
Email: tanart60@yahoo.com.sg