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Points to remember:
-Shape of yam
-Root of the yam and stem of yam
Step by Step:
1-Draw the stem of yam
2-Next, draw the yam on the LEFT hand side follow by the RIGHT hand side.
3-Use brush to make a double tone of ink. Then, draw the leaf and stem of the yam. Use more water for the leaves which should be two-tone .The colour must not be too dark.
4-One must draw the leaf which look like a fan(or in heart shape). Another leaf must be draw rolled up.
5-Draw the yam on the left hand side. It must be in darker tone. Make sure that the shape of the yam is in layered-form.use a dry brush to draw the layers..
6-Draw the other yam when finish drawing the yam. Then draw the hairy part of the two yams.
7-When finish drawing ,use brown colour to colour the tip of the other yam.

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version based to.

the stems of the leaves when the colour is dry.
Common Mistakes:
1- Texture of the yam
2- the brush have to be dry.
3- Skin of the yam must be rough.
4- The brush have to be slanted when drawing the texture of yam.
5- The leaves must have light and dark tone. One is in a rolled shape. the shoot of the yam
must not be stiff and rigid .it must be realistic.