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The theme for the painting
A mother bird is feeding two baby birds.
The main theme for this painting is to promote the motherly love.

How to draw?
-Mother bird have to lay eggs and wait for some time to hatch.
-Daw the bird begin with the head,feathers and the legs,eak and tail
The detail will be the eyes,beak and the mouth.
The body ,head,tail,legs,eyes ,mouth(beak),followed by the young baby bird(chick)starting again from the head and the body.

How to Colour?
-Use Yellow and orange for the beak,breast,without much feathers.
-For mother bird is yellow ,followed by brown colour.
-For smaill chick,the mouth is yellow color.
Outline the nest from the dry twigs and leaves.
Some darker brown as fillers for the loose leaves.Branches are in black and brown.
Turqoi use green and yellow for leaves.
(using a Bigger brush for better effect for the leaves.
Leaves must by followed by veins .
The twigs and branches are in lighter brown and black.

Contact :Dr Tan Ching Yam,art educator
Email: tanart60@yahoo.com.sg