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Art Empire Gallery: Testimonials

PM Lee, Dr. Tan Ching Yam

Dr. Tan Ching Yam had been teaching in the arts of Chinese painting, finger painting and Chinese arts calligraphy to over thousands of students around the world, many have grown to appreciate the arts form even more today.

Students have since kept in contact with Dr. Tan over the years, and have participated in events, advanced courses and helped share the good news and his art to friends, colleagues and institutions throughout Singapore, Asia and the world.

Hear what Dr. Tan's students has to say:

Testimonials from students of Dr. Tan Ching Yam

“Dr. Tan Ching Yam, is a patient teacher with a sense of humour. He is able to coach his students using both the English and Chinese Language.

Dr. Tan encourages his students by showing them how to correct and improve the paintings, hence, 'saving' their work. He makes the lessons interesting by introducing different types of painting, e.g. flora, scenery, buildings, people, boats, animals.”

– Miss Margaret Su, Singapore

“I have been attending finger painting lessons under the tutelage of Dr Tan Ching Yam at Tanjong Pagar Art Club since September 2007.

Dr Tan has been a very patient and conscientious teacher in guiding the students through the art of finger painting. He strives to instill in us a love and understanding of the art by recounts of his own experiences and snippets of information about other established artists. He would also alert us to art exhibitions and encourage us to attend these exhibition. He would take us along to exhibitions that he has been invited to.

Dr Tan is very supportive and encouraging towards the students. Never had he has a negative comments for mistakes make in our painting. He would instead show us how to turn the mistakes into something of beauty. Dr Tan is also very accommodating to our requests to paint objects that are of interest to us.

It has been a pleasure and a rewarding experience to attend Dr Tan’s finger painting classes.”

– Miss Clemence Teo, Singapore

“During my three-month leave from work, I attended a ten-week course on Finger Painting with Dr Tan. I have thoroughly enjoyed the weekly classes as Dr Tan is an excellent art teacher. He is very willing to share his art knowledge and expertise with his students. He is also very professional and systematic in the way he delivers his lessons.

Though I am only a beginner in finger painting, I find myself encouraged by his great patience and positive attitude. On one occasion, I was unwell and Dr Tan and his wife showed a lot of concern. He also gave me extra tips on how to bring back the knowledge I have acquired to my school. After this, I know that I can go back to work more confidently.

I am glad that I have taken up the course with Dr Tan. After knowing him, I am amazed by his numerous talents and achievements. He is not only a great artist but a wonderful writer as well. His dedication and contribution to art is really inspiring to us all.”

– Ms Soh Wan Hong, Northland Pr. Sch, Singapore

“On July 23rd 2009, during our exchange programme with MOELC in Singapore, Dr Tan Ching Yam introduced our students to finger painting. During this three-hour class, he explained the principles of his art, demonstrated his technique and then let the students freely engage in their own creations.

The students enjoyed being given an insight into this art previously unknown to them and also being given a chance to experience by themselves without the pressure of a formal class.

We thank Dr Tan Ching Yam for this enriching afternoon and we look forward to meeting him again on one of our future exchanges.”

– Ms. Laurence Codomier, English Teacher, Lycée François Magendie.

“It helps to enrich and develop my interest in the arts and nature, and having a better understanding towards Chinese brush painting. At the same time, I’m enjoying the time painting together with my friends.”

– Hong Yu, Healing Arts student, Singapore

“I have faith with my life again. I never have thought that I could still paint something remarkable at this age.”

– Yu Dong, Healing Arts student, Singapore

“The continuous improvement of the mind begins with the art of painting.”

– Ye Yuan, Healing Arts student, Singapore

“Being able to do Chinese brush painting is a dream come true. It gives me a lot of joy looking at the beautiful paintings, with some touching up done by the teacher (Dr. Tan).”

– Duan Yu, Healing Arts student, Singapore

“I’m loving and enjoying the Chinese arts.”

– Lin Hui Lan, Healing Arts student, Singapore

“Looking forward to each painting class with anticipation! I’ve learned to grow in patience through these classes. Chinese brush painting certainly adds life to my age!

It is about taking steps, one at a time in your life journey.”

– Mei Ling, Healing Arts student, Singapore

“Completing the final touches on a painting brings me the greatest joy and satisfaction.”

– Zhao Kun, Healing Arts student, Singapore

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