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About Panda
The Panda is an endangered species, and can be found only in China. Singapore

is fortunate to be able to house these natural treasures of China at the Zoological Garden.
The Panda is very adorable, and it will be wonderful if we can capture the memory in a painting, especially for small kids.
It is not difficult for them to draw a Panda. Only black ink is needed to highlight the features, the eyes, ears and legs. The picture will come out vividly.
If you want to improve your drawing skill on Panda, I will suggest you to refer to the E-book:
Turn to the Chapter 23: ”how to draw panda?”The book will teach you how to draw Panda step-by-step. How to outline the shape? How to color?
It is simple and interesting.
Contact: Dr Tan Ching Yam