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<Picturesque scene in Kunming(湖光山色)>

About the scenery-

We spent two weeks to complete this painting.

This scenery of landscape (mountain, river and lake) is found in the Yunnan area in China. It depicts one of China’s scenic beauty.

The Chinese characters Hu Guang Shan Se, literary meaning “ Brightness of the Lake contrast with the colour of the mountain range

in the background is a very apt title to this piece.

Learn how to paint trees, pagoda, mountain and boat-

This piece has everything in, so many types of trees, the palm, evergreens, and the willow (liu shu). The pagoda takes up the attention,

nearly half of the page, with mountains in the background and the hilly terrain at the river bank and the boat in the foreground.

How to paint Pagoda?

The structure of pagoda must be sketched in the right proportion, only then can this lend strength to the building.

Most of us lack the skill of sketching the tiled roof of the pagoda correctly. Pillars must be emphasized too.

Pagodas are complicated building.

Therefore strokes must be few and yet powerful. There should not be too much details otherwise we will spoil the overall view. Shadows will give the building a 3-dimensional effect.

How to paint Willow Trees?

The willow tree is a very delicate tree. We must draw the strands of the willow with rhythmical lines with branches flowing from the main stem.

When the wind blows it gives the tree a lovely sway.

The evergreen tree have cluster of leaves on it branches. So need to fill up in groups on each branch. Leaves are dotted in.

How to paint Palm Trees?

Now comes the palm on the far side of the piece. Note that how the branches are drawn. Very interesting. This is our first time drawing this palm.

The two trees are set one behind the other. But we drew two individual trees!

How to paint a Boat?

Then comes the boat in the foreground. This needs practice. Still lacking in seeing it float! Emphasis is placed in the shadows of the waters below the boat.

Way Of Colouring-

Now comes the part of filling in the colours.

Brown and yellow for the edge of the roof, hilly mounds at the river bank, tree trunks and branches, pillars too. Also the boat too.

Roof is indigo and black. Green (combination of yellow and indigo) for the different trees. The man’s shirt is in red.

Gives an outstanding attraction to viewers’ eyes. Shadows of waters on edge of hilly terrain.

They are indigo in colour. Add more water to the indigo for the mountains

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in the background.

There is no doubt that we use only three basic colours but it lends serenity to the piece. A quiet atmosphere.